Corrections, and New Proofs

It’s amazing how little mistakes creep in and remain unnoticed through so many twists and turns!  This story is less than 400 words long, written in very simple prose.  On top of that, dozens of people have read the story, providing much valuable input.  You would not expect any grammatical errors to remain, would you?

Last week, the story finally made it in front of a professional editor (not for editing, mind you, but more or less by chance.)   Upon close examination, there were upwards of 20 errors in grammar!  Mainly, these were in the form of capitalization (“Queen” is lower case) and superfluous use of commas (which I am prone to, I know!)

I am eternally grateful to my friends and editors for catching this before this book went into production!  I would hate to see Mitch’s beautiful artwork insulted by my clumsy prose!

The lesson in this is: Always, always, always get an editor to look at your work.  Do it early, do it often!

New proofs are on their way.

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