Draft – Cover

This is the 4th draft of the cover.  What do you think?


Free Coloring Book Edition

In addition to the full color, hand illustrated story book, we’ve decided to release a Coloring Book Edition of Love is magic – as a free download!  You can print any or all of the pages, and color them however you like.  Print copies for your children, too!

Download your copy right now, in PDF format:
Love_is_Magic – Coloring Book Edition

The layout of this edition differs from the soft and hard cover editions, which are both square.  This version is formatted for your printer – 8.5″ x 11″.  It is similar to the Kindle edition, in that it has the text beneath each picture, rather than on the facing pages.  We felt it would be nicer that way, so that the caption would stay with each individual page as you print them.

Tell your Friends!

This download is free, and requires no registration.  We hope that you will send a link to this page to all your friends!


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