Color Illustrations Complete

The coloring of the illustrations is complete!  Mitch has done an amazing job with watercolor on all of his ink drawings.  There is still a bit of work getting the pictures ready for publication, though.  Each one needs to be cropped, with a clean white border.  Some of them need to be straightened, or even skewed to make them fit a square frame.  All of this needs to happen without detracting from the artwork.

For example, here is one of the raw scans:



After a quick retouch, it looks like this:



Hopefully a subtle difference.  For variation, some of the images are not cropped on all sides.  For example:



Others have cool little overlaps, extending beyond the crop area – I’m trying to keep these, for sure!



There is still plenty of work to do as we go into production.  Keep checking back!


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