Draft – Ink Drawings

Mitch is nearing completion of the inks!   There may be an additional drawing or two, and probably some word-work, but the sequence is nearly complete.  What’s next?  The drawings will be scanned, and then the color work begins.  As Mitch puts the polish on the art, I will be reworking the prose.  Which sentences go with each illustration?  Make it more poetic, or keep it simple?  Many things to consider.

Here are a few samples of the draft ink drawings, with related excerpts:

“The young fairies ran to the older fairies.”


“The older fairies took the young fairies before the King and Queen. The Queen bade them attend the scarecrow, and treat it as a friend.”


“They brought food, water, and decorations.  They hid seeds inside the straw-filled belly.  They slept among the tattered garments, and inside the sun bleached hat.”


“When the season turned cold, they sheltered with the scarecrow, and played winter games.”



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