Concept Art – Trying Some Colors

These are a few more concept drawings – still a long way from the finished art.  Mitch is exploring some color options for the clothing.


There are also border designs to try out.


Storyboard – v1.0

The first crack at a storyboard is in!  This is just a few panels to decide what illustrations will be required.  I’m only posting the first sheet, for now – I don’t want to give away the ending!

Scan 1

Concept Art – the Fairies

The early concept art is used to explore the types of clothing, shoes, wing shape, and general style of the fairies for this book.


These sketches will evolve into the final art as decisions are made, and the story refined.


Note the plants and animals, for size reference.


The Fairy Story

This book was originally written several years ago for my daughter, with no thought of publication.  It started one evening when she left a note on the kitchen table, addressed to the fairies.  With the note was a very small, bound book of blank pages.  My daughter was asking the fairies to write something in the tiny book.

The next day, there was a single sentence on the first page:

“Love is Magic”

In the morning, my little girl was excited, but disappointed.   “That’s it?”  She asked.  “I was expecting more – there are so many pages!”

But that was only the beginning.  Each night, there appeared another sentence, one per page.  “There was once a scarecrow in a field near here,” the story began, “it was tall and wooly and filled with straw.”  One page at a time, very slowly, the story unfolded.

My daughter was riveted.  Each morning she would go and look in the tiny book, to see what the fairies had written the night before.

It was years later that the story resurfaced.  I was having a conversation with a good friend, who was preparing to publish a children’s book.  As we talked, I recalled Love is Magic, and the thought struck me, “Of course! It only needs a few pictures to be complete!”  What’s more, I knew just the person to illustrate it.

My old friend Mitch, who knows my mind like few others do, would be just the right person to bring this story to life.  I sent him the story immediately, and work began.  The first story-board was back within a week, concept art was soon to follow.

Please stay tuned, and we’ll keep you up-to-date on our progress!

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